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New York: Colonial Governors: 1664-1673

Deputy Governor under His Royal Highness the Duke of York, of all his Territories in America [1]
29 Aug/8 Sep 1664 - c. 28 Aug/7 Sep 1668 Richard Nicolls
c. 28 Aug/7 Sep 1668 - 30 Jul/9 Aug 1673 Francis Lovelace [2][3]

[1] The commission signed by the Duke of York on 2/12 Apr 1664 referred to the office as "deputy governor." Also in official use: Governor under His Royal Higness... and Governor General under His Royal Higness...
[2] Lovelace arrived to New York in March 1668 and apparently shared the functions of deputy governor (some legal documents and letters were signed jointly by Nicolls and Lovelace). Nicolls sailed for England shortly before 28 Aug/7 Sep 1668, the day when Lovelace wrote a letter to the Secretary of State of England, reporting that he was "in the charge of his Royall Highnes teritorys."
[3] Lovelace was absent from New York when it was captured by the armed forces of the Netherlands (30 Jul/9 Aug 1673). He surrendered to the Dutch on 2/12 Aug 1673.