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Spain: Revolutionary Superior Junta of Madrid: 1868

Presidente de la Junta Superior Revolucionaria de Madrid [1]
5 Oct 1868 - 19 Oct 1868 Joaquín Aguirre de la Peña
Elected by universal suffrage of the residents of Madrid; was constituted (5 Oct 1868) as successor to the Junta Provisional Revolucionaria de Madrid; original membership as announced in Gaceta de Madrid was comprised of 30 persons (2 honorary presidents, 1 president, 2 vice-presidents, 4 secretaries, 21 members); acted as a watchdog committee for safeguarding the principles of the Revolution of 1868; passed a limited number of laws, mostly concerning the government for Madrid; proposed some measures for consideration of the Provisional Government chaired by Francisco Serrano; having been superseded by the Provisional Government in exercising executive and legislative authority, passed a resolution on self-dissolution (19 Oct 1868). Information sources: [2]

[1] Also in official use: Junta superior revolucionaria, Junta Superior de Gobierno, Junta Superior de Gobierno de Madrid.
[2] Gaceta de Madrid. 1868. Núm. 280-294.