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Spain: Revolutionary Provisional Junta of Madrid: 1868

Presidente de la Junta Provisional Revolucionaria de Madrid [1]
30 Sep 1868 - 3 Oct 1868 Pascual Madoz e Ibáñez
3 Oct 1868 - 5 Oct 1868 Joaquín Aguirre de la Peña
The initial membership was apparently approved during the clandestine meetings of Spanish revolutionaries prior to the Revolution of 1868; 41-member Junta (1 president, 2 secretaries, 39 members) took over the supreme authority in Madrid after the fall of Borbon monarchy (30 Sep 1868); though not explicitly claiming a position of national government, proclaimed sovereignty of the people, dethronement of Queen Isabel II and appealed for revolutionary juntas in other cities to fight against the Borbon authorities; membership was extended by four persons (2 Oct 1868, 3 Oct 1868), at which point Joaquín Aguirre de la Peña was elected to succeed Pascual Madoz e Ibáñez as president of the Junta (3 Oct 1868); recognized Francisco Serrano as commander-in-chief of the Spanish army and asked him to form a national government (3 Oct 1868); was dissolved upon constituting the Junta Superior Revolucionaria de Madrid (5 Oct 1868). Information sources: [2]

[1] Also in official use: Junta provisional revolucionaria, Junta revolucionaria de Madrid, Junta provisional de Gobierno, Junta revolucionaria interina, Junta provisional interina de Madrid.
[2] Gaceta de Madrid. 1868. Núm. 274-280.