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Neves, Tancredo de Almeida

Tancredo de Almeida Neves

b. 4 Mar 1910, São João del Rei, Minas Gerais
d. 21 Apr 1985, São Paulo, São Paulo

Title: Presidente da República Federativa do Brasil (President of the Federative Republic of Brazil)
Term: 15 Mar 1985 - 21 Apr 1985
Chronology: 19 Jan 1985, elected by the electoral college
  15 Mar 1985, vice president José Sarney Costa temporarily assumed the functions of President of the Republic due to the illness of Tancredo de Almeida Neves
  21 Apr 1985, died

Tancredo de Almeida Neves graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belo Horizonte (1932), where he as a student participated in the campaign of the Liberal Alliance (1930) led by Getúlio Dorneles Vargas. He opened a law practice in his native city and joined the Progressive Party of Minas Gerais (Partido Progressista). In 1935 Neves was elected a municipal councilor of São João del Rei. He was politically inactive during the years of Vargas's dictatorship (Estado Novo), running business companies. Neves was elected state deputy (1947-1951) on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (Partido Social Democrático, PSD) and later was successful in contesting a seat in the federal Chamber of Deputies (1951-1953). Invited to assume the office of justice minister in the Vargas government (26 Jun 1953 - 24 Aug 1954), Neves took leave of absence from the Chamber, where he returned after the suicide of Vargas. Having completed his term as federal deputy (1954-1955), Neves became director of a Minas Gerais bank (1955-1956). He worked as a department director in the Bank of Brazil (1956-1958) and was appointed secretary for finance in the government of Minas Gerais (1958-1960). Neves sustained a major defeat at the elections of Minas Gerais governor (3 Oct 1960) and served a short term as president of the Bank of National Economic Development (1960-1961). Political crisis caused by the resignation of Jânio da Silva Quadros in August 1961 and a threat of military coup turned Brazil into a parliamentary republic. Neves was appointed to the newly created post of President of the Council of Ministers (8 Sep 1961 - 6 Jun 1962) and headed a multiparty cabinet [1], which faced economic and political instability. After eight months in office, Neves and his colleagues found it impossible to cooperate with the executive branch, while president João Belchior Marques Goulart was determined to return to the presidential republic. Neves resigned his office (6 Jun 1962) and was supported by PSD as a candidate at congressional elections (3 Oct 1962). For the second time, Neves assumed his seat in the Chamber of Deputies as a representative of Minas Gerais (1963-1979). In the years of military regime Neves was affiliated with the official opposition, Brazilian Democratic Movement (Movimento Democrático Brasileiro, MDB). He was reelected as deputy in 1966, 1970 and 1974. In 1978 Neves defeated official candidates at the election to the Federal Senate and served as senator for Minas Gerais from 1979 to 1983. Following the transformation of MDB into the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (Partido do Movimento Democrático Brasileiro, PMDB), Neves was chosen (14 Feb 1982) vice president of PMDB. His second bid for election as governor of Minas Gerais was successful, and Neves assumed the office on 15 Mar 1983. As the military regime was preparing to transfer the power to civilian government, PMDB nominated Neves as its candidate for President of the Republic. Neves resigned the office of governor on 14 Aug 1984 and embarked on electoral campaign on the platform of the Democratic Alliance (Aliança Democrática), a broad-based political group. A veteran of national politics, whose career had lasted for more than 50 years, Neves seemed to be acceptable for the powerful military fearing the election of a radical. The electoral college selected Neves for president and José Sarney Costa for vice president on 19 Jan 1985. Before his inauguration, Neves underwent surgery and was unable to take office. Sarney temporarily assumed the presidency, and Neves died from complications following his surgery on 21 Apr 1985. [2] [3]


Candidate Electoral vote (19 Jan 1985) [4]
Tancredo de Almeida Neves 480
Paulo Salim Maluf 180
abstentions 17
absent 9

[1] From 8 Sep 1961 until 13 Oct 1961 Neves temporarily held the office of justice minister.
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