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Noronha, José Isaías de

José Isaías de Noronha

b. 6 Jun 1873, Rio de Janeiro
d. 29 Jan 1963, Rio de Janeiro

Title: Membro da Junta Governativa (Member of the Junta of Government)
Term: 24 Oct 1930 - 3 Nov 1930
Chronology: 24 Oct 1930, accepted membership in the Junta of Government
  24 Oct 1930, before 24:00, constitued by military coup leaders
  3 Nov 1930, authority transferred to Head of the Provisional Government, private ceremony, Catete Palace, Rio de Janeiro

A descendant of the family with prominent military record, José Isaías de Noronha entered (1887) a preparatory course at the Naval School, from which he graduated in 1892. Beginning in March 1898, Noronha commanded avisos, torpedo boats, cruisers, and, ultimately, a battleship. He was promoted to captain in February 1919 and became captain of the port of Pará. In April 1923, he progressed in rank to rear admiral and assumed the direction of the Naval School, where he worked until 1925 and in 1926-1927. From 1927 to 1929 Noronha was president of the Naval Club and commanded a navy squadron. In 1928 Noronha was named Commander-in-Chief of the Brazilian Navy. He was hardly implicated in the military coup of 24 Oct 1930 and reluctantly joined a military junta after Admiral José Maria Penido turned down the offer to serve. The junta approved a cabinet of ministers, where Noronha was named navy minister (25 Oct 1930 - 17 Dec 1930). He continued in this position after Getúlio Dorneles Vargas became Head of the Provisional Government (3 Non 1930), but asked for dismissal a month later. In January 1931 he was promoted to vice admiral and again assumed the presidency of the Naval Club (1931-1937). He retired from the navy on 6 Jul 1941. [1] [2]

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  Image: contemporary photograph.