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Brazil: Junta of Government: 1930

Membros da Junta Governativa [1]
24 Oct 1930 - 3 Nov 1930 Augusto Tasso Fragoso (president)
24 Oct 1930 - 3 Nov 1930 João de Deus Mena Barreto
24 Oct 1930 - 3 Nov 1930 José Isaías de Noronha

The election of Júlio Prestes de Albuquerque as President of the Republic (1 Mar 1930) was engineered by the ruling elite and disappointed the leaders of the Liberal Alliance, whose candidate, Getúlio Dorneles Vargas, was defeated. On 3 Oct 1930 a revolutionary movement emerged in the State of Rio Grande do Sul governed by Vargas and quickly spread to other parts of the country. As revolutionary forces were approaching the capital, Rio de Janeiro, the military leaders arrested President Washington Luís Pereira de Sousa and set up a provisional military junta (24 Oct 1930). The junta appointed a new cabinet of ministers, but it enjoyed little power as the nation was plunged into revolutionary tumult. A few days later, after exchange of telegrams the junta reached an agreement with Vargas about the transfer of power. Vargas and his troops entered Rio de Janeiro on 31 Oct 1930. Júlio Prestes was prevented from taking office and on 3 Nov 1930 the junta handed the power to Vargas as Head of the Provisional Government.

[1] After the junta was formally constituted, a number of official names was interchangeably in use: Junta Provisória, Junta Governativa, Junta Governativa Provisória. The decrees issued by this authority had the following headings: 25 Oct 1930 to 28 Oct 1930 Junta Governativa da República dos Estados Unidos do Brasil, 29 Oct 1930 to 31 Oct 1930 no decrees, 1 Nov 1930 (no decrees of 2 Nov 1930) Junta Governativa Provisória constituida para corresponder ao sentimento geral da Nação, amparada nas classes armadas.
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