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Austria: State Council: 1918-1919

Präsidenten der Provisorischen Nationalversammlung [1][2]
21 Oct 1918 - 16 Feb 1919 Franz Dinghofer
21 Oct 1918 - 16 Feb 1919 Karl Seitz
21 Oct 1918 - 16 Feb 1919 Johann Nepomuk Hauser

The Deutschösterreichischer Staatsrat (State Council for German Austria) was a successor to the Vollzugsausschuß (Executive Committee of the Provisional National Assembly), which functioned from the day of its election on 21 Oct 1918 to the last meeting 30 Oct 1918 (11 meetings). The State Council was elected at the second meeting of the Provisional National Assembly (Provisorische Nationalversammlung) on 30 Oct 1918. The Council was composed of 20 elected members and the three presidents of the Provisional National Assembly, who became members (ex officiis) of the Council with the duties to preside over it. The presidents, the head of the State Chancellery (Karl Renner) and the Notary (Julius Sylvester) formed the Staatsratsdirektorium (Directory of the State Council) [resolution of 30 Oct 1918]. After the declaration of emperor Karl I of 11 Nov 1918, in which he renounced political authority over Austria, the National Assembly entrusted the State Council with the functions formerly exercised by the emperor (resolution of 12 Nov 1918). The membership of the Directory was restricted to the three presidents of the Provisional National Assembly according to a law of 19 Dec 1918. The term for which the State Council was elected should have continued until a new Constituent Assembly elects its successor (resolution of the Provisional National Assembly of 30 Oct 1918; confirmed by a law of 6 Feb 1919). On 4 Mar 1919 the Konstituierende Nationalversammlung (National Constituent Assembly) opened its sessions in Vienna and assumed the highest state authority, while the State Council continued to work until 7 Mar 1919, when it held its last meeting.

[1] Presided in the Staatsrat ex officio: 30 Oct 1918 - 7 Mar 1919.
[2] Three Präsidenten der Provisorischen Nationalversammlung formed Staatsratsdirektorium; from 30 Oct 1918 to 19 Dec 1918 the members of the Staatsratsdirektorium ex officiis are also: Leiter der Kanzlei (head of the State Chancellery) and Notar (notary).