West Florida Republic: Polity Style: 1810 - Archontology

West Florida Republic: Polity Style: 1810

22 Sep 1810 a convention of the representatives of several districts of West Florida assumes the authority of the Governor of West Florida, resolution of the Convention (Official Records, 717)
26 Sep 1810 districts of West Florida are declared a free and independent State, declaration of independence is passed by the Convention (Official Records, 725-726)
26 Sep 1810 - 10 Dec 1810 State of Florida (also Commonwealth of Florida) [1]
27 Oct 1810 the territory including the area occupied by the West Florida Republic is proclaimed to be part of the Territory of Orleans, an organized incorporated territory of the United States, proclamation of the President of the United States dated 27 Oct 1810, Washington, D.C. (American State Papers, 3:397-398)
10 Dec 1810 government ceased to function de facto upon the occupation of the seat of government by armed forces of the United States

[1] State of Florida and Commonwealth of Florida are used interchangeably in official documents; "state" is the most common term found in the Constitution or Form of Government of the State of Florida approved by the Convention 27 Oct 1810 (Official Records, 753; Constitution of West Florida Republic); the form of oath of allegiance approved by the Convention 10 Oct 1810 refers to the Commonwealth of West Florida (Official Records, 746).