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Vermont: President of the Convention: 1776-1777

President of General Convention [1]
24 Jul 1776 - 8 Jul 1777 Joseph Bowker [2]

[1] Prior to the session started 4 Jun 1777, the convention did not follow any uniform practice, describing itself as Convention, Convention of the Several Delegates, Convention of representatives, and sometimes General Convention; the presiding officer was originally styled Chairman; the styles President and General Convention are found in the resolutions passed on 4 Jun 1777 and continuously after this date.
[2] Elected chairman at a meeting in Dorset (24 Jul 1776) and subsequently re-elected, possibly on more than one occasion, and served nominally to 12 Mar 1778 when the authority of Convention was superseded by the General Assembly; Convention adjourned 8 Jul 1777, appointing a Council of Safety which convened at Manchester 11 Jul 1777 and continued to function until the General Assembly met 12 Mar 1778.