Biography of Harding, Warren - Archontology
Harding, Warren

Warren Gamaliel Harding

b. 2 Nov 1865, Blooming Grove, Morrow County, Ohio
d. 2 Aug 1923, San Francisco, California

Title: President of the United States
Term: 4 Mar 1921 - 2 Aug 1923
Chronology: 9 Feb 1921, election to the office of President of the United States is declared upon counting electoral votes (cast 10 Jan 1921), joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives, House Chamber, U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. [1]
4 Mar 1921, commencement of term
4 Mar 1921, took an oath of office as President of the United States, inaugural ceremony as part of the special session of the Senate, East Portico, U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. [2]
2 Aug 1923, died [3]
Attended the public schools and Ohio Central College at Iberia; studied law for a short time; taught school; engaged in the insurance business; became editor and publisher of the Marion Star in 1884; member, State senate (1899-1903); lieutenant governor of Ohio (1904-1905); unsuccessful Republican candidate for Governor of Ohio in 1910; elected as a Republican to the Senate and served from 4 Mar 1915, until his resignation, effective 13 Jan 1921, having been elected President; chairman, Committee on the Philippines (66th Congress); elected President of the United States on the Republican ticket (1920); promoted establishment by Congress of a budget system for the federal government, enacted highly protective Fordney-McCumber Tariff; revised wartime taxes; approved an act restricting immigration; headed loosely selected and largely unsupervised Cabinet; set out (20 Jun 1923) on a transcontinental tour ("Voyage of Understanding"); arrived in San Francisco in a state of exhaustion and died during the night of 2 Aug 1923.
Biographical sources: Biographical Directory of the United States Congress (2005).

Candidate Electoral vote (10 Jan 1921)
Warren Gamaliel Harding 404
James Middleton Cox 127
total number of electors appointed 531
number of votes for a majority 266
Source of electoral results: Congressional Record, 66th Congress, 3rd Session, 2868.

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  Image: photograph (1920).