Biography of Hanson, John, Jr. - Archontology
Hanson, John, Jr.

John Hanson, Jr.

b. 3/14 Apr 1721, Mulberry Grove, Charles County, Maryland [1]
d. 15 Nov 1783, Oxen (Oxon) Hill, Prince George's County, Maryland

Title: President of Congress
Term: 5 Nov 1781 - 3 Nov 1782
Chronology: 5 Nov 1781, elected to the office of the President of Congress, session of Congress, State House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [2]
3 Nov 1782, term of delegate (and subsequently as the President of Congress) is deemed to have expired upon convening of a new Congress [3]
Son of a planter; did not receive any formal education; served as sheriff of Charles County (1750-1753); was engaged in agricultural pursuits in Maryland; elected a delegate to the Maryland Lower House of Assembly (1757-1763, 1765-1766, 1768-1769) as a representative of Charles County; served as deputy surveyor of Frederick County (1769-1777); held the office of treasurer of Frederick County (1775); elected a delegate to the Assembly of Freemen at Annapolis (1774-1775); chaired the Frederick County committee of observation (1775); was elected to the Maryland's House of Delegates of the General Assembly (1779); elected a delegate from Maryland to the Continental Congress (1780-1782) and was one of the signers of the Articles of Confederation; elected the President of Congress (5 Nov 1781 - 3 Nov 1782).
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Image: portrait of by Cedric B. Egeli after the portrait by Charles Willson Peale (c. 1781-1782).