Biography of Griffin, Cyrus - Archontology
Griffin, Cyrus

Cyrus Griffin

b. 16/27 Jul 1748, Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia [1]
d. 14 Dec 1810, Yorktown, Virginia

Title: President of Congress
Term: 22 Jan 1788 - 2 Nov 1788
Chronology: 22 Jan 1788, elected to the office of the President of Congress, session of Congress, City Hall, New York City [2]
2 Nov 1788, term of delegate (and subsequently as the President of Congress) is deemed to have expired upon convening of a new Congress [3]
Educated in England; studied law at the University of Edinburgh and the Middle Temple; had a law practice in Lancaster, Virginia; entered politics as a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses (1777-1778); elected delegate from Virginia to the Continental Congress (1778-1780); appointed a justice in the Court of Appeals in Cases of Capture (1780-1787); elected again to the Virginia House of Burgesses and returned to his native state; sat in the state legislature in 1786-1787; delegate from Virginia to the Continental Congress (1787-1788); upon achieving quorum, he was elected the President of Congress; served during the period when American politics were dominated by the struggle over the new Constitution between Federalists and Anti-Federalists; presided the sessions until 1 Nov 1788; was re-elected to the Continental Congress on 31 Oct 1788, but because of the organization of the new government, the Continental Congress never transacted any business in 1788-1789; chosen a member of Virginia's Council of State (27 Dec 1788); briefly served as president of the supreme court of admiralty (1789) and then received an appointment as commissioner to the Creek Nation for negotiating a peace treaty to end the war with the Creeks (1786-1790); returned to Virginia and for more than 20 years held the office of the judge of the U.S. District Court of Virginia (10 Feb 1790 - 14 Dec 1810).
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Image: portrait by Lawrence Sully, 1799 (special thanks to Vladislav Melnikov).