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Puerto Rico: Polity Style: 1952-2024

25 Jul 1952 constituted as an unincorporated territory of the United States on the taking effect of the Constitution by Proclamation of the Governor of Puerto Rico as provided by Article IX, Section 10 of the Constitution [Documents on the Constitutional History, 198]
25 Jul 1952 - Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico = Commonwealth of Puerto Rico [1]
5 Apr 1991 Spanish is declared to be the sole official language, Law No. 4 of 5 Apr 1991 (Laws of Puerto Rico Annotated, tit. 1, § 51) [2]
28 Jan 1993 Spanish and English are declared to be official languages, Law No. 1 of 28 Jan 1993 [3]

[1] Spanish and English names are equal in status except for the period between 5 Apr 1991 and 28 Jan 1993 when Spanish was the sole official language.
[2] The Law of 5 Apr 1991 repealed the Law of 21 Feb 1902 of the United-States-controlled territory of Puerto Rico, providing for the status of Spanish and English as official languages.
[3] A law to establish that Spanish and English shall be the official languages of the Government of Puerto Rico, and that both may be used interchangeably, and to repeal Law Number 4 of April 5, 1991 [Congressional Record, 103rd Congress, 1st Session, H329]