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Georgia: State Governors: 1777-1778

Captain General, Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over the State of Georgia
7? May 1777 - on or before 14 Jan 1778 John Adam Treutlen [1][2]
on or before 14 Jan 1778 - 29 Dec 1778 John Houstoun [3]

[1] Original name: Hans Adam Treuttlen
[2] The election of Treutlen to the office of Governor is usually regarded as having occurred on 8 May 1777, but this date appears to be incorrect. Most probably, Treutlen was elected and sworn in 7 May 1777 and then attended the meeting of a newly elected Executive Council on the same day. His name appears first on the list and he is referred to as "His Honor John Adam Treutlen Esqr. Governor" (Executive Council Minutes 1777, p. 319).
[3] The government of the State of Georgia ceased to function after the capture of Savannah by the army of Great Britain on 29 Dec 1778 (Lawrence 1952).