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Florida: Provisional Administration: 1821-1822

Governor of the Provinces of the Floridas, exercising the powers of the Captain General, and of the Intendant of the Island of Cuba, over the said Provinces, and of the Governors of said Provinces respectively
10 Mar 1821 - 31 Dec 1821 Andrew Jackson [1]
31 Dec 1821 - 20 Jun 1822 office vacant [2]

[1] Also in the United States.
[2] Since the departure of Jackson from Pensacola, Florida (8 Oct 1821) and during the period when the office of Governor of the Provinces of the Floridas remained vacant, the functions of head of the provisional administration were exercised by William Grafton Delaney Worthington and George Walton as Acting Governor of East Florida (appointed 1 Jul 1821) and Acting Governor of West Florida (appointed 5? Oct 1821) respectively.