Biography of Cobb, Howell - Archontology
Cobb, Howell

Howell Cobb

b. 7 Sep 1815, "Cherry Hill," Jefferson County, Georgia
d. 9 Oct 1868, New York City, New York

Title: President of the Congress
Term: 4 Feb 1861 - 17 Feb 1862
Chronology: 4 Feb 1861, elected, assumed the chair immediately upon the proclamation of election, session of the Congress, State Capitol, Montgomery, Alabama [1]
  9 Feb 1861, took an oath to support the Constitution, session of the Congress, State Capitol, Montgomery, Alabama [2]
  17 Feb 1862, ceased to exercise the functions of office due to adjournment of the Congress [3]
Moved with his father to Athens, State of Georgia, in childhood; graduated from the University of Georgia (1834); studied law; was admitted to the bar and commenced practice in Athens (1836); solicitor general of the western judicial circuit of Georgia (1837-1841); elected to the U.S. Congress (1843-1851) on the Democratic ticket; served as chairman of the Committee on Mileage (1843-1845) and then Speaker of the House of Representatives (22 Dec 1849 - 3 Mar 1851); held the office of Governor of the State of Georgia (5 Nov 1851 - 9 Nov 1853) and again was elected to the U.S. Congress (1855-1857); served as Secretary of the Treasury in the Cabinet of President of the United States James Buchanan (1857-1860); resigned to attend the first meeting of the Confederate Provisional Congress in Montgomery, Alabama (4 Feb 1861); was elected President of the Congress by acclamation (4 Feb 1861); was considered for the presidency of the Confederate States, but eventually all votes went to Jefferson Davis (9 Feb 1861); presided over five sessions of the Provisional Congress until 17 Feb 1862 when the Congress adjourned before the inauguration of permanent Congress; joined the Confederate Army (1862) and was appointed a brigadier general (13 Feb 1862); promoted to major general (9 Sep 1863); surrendered to the U.S. troops at Macon, Georgia, on 20 Apr 1865; financially ruined by his pre-war debts and loss of property during the war, he died in 1868 while visiting New York.
Biographical sources: "Howell Cobb of Georgia: A Biography", by Randy L. Reid (Ph. D. Diss., Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College, 1995), 3 vols.; Biographical Directory of the United States Congress (2005).

[1] Confederate Congress Journal, 1:16.
[2] Confederate Congress Journal, 1:39.
[3] Presided at the sessions held 4 Feb 1861 - 16 Mar 1861 and 29 Apr 1861 - 21 May 1861 at Montgomery, Alabama; 20 Jul 1861 - 31 Aug 1861, 3 Sep 1861 - 3 Sep 1861, and 18 Nov 1861 - 17 Feb 1862 at Richmond, Virginia.
  Image: contemporary photograph, Golden Ink.