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Robert II (Scotland)

Robert II

b. 2 Mar 1316 [1]
d. 19 Apr 1390, Dundonald, Ayrshire [2]

Title: Dei gratia Rex Scotorum = By the grace of God, King of the Scots
Term: 22 Feb 1371 - 19 Apr 1390
Chronology: 22 Feb 1371, succeeded to the throne of Scotland
26 Mar 1371, crowned, Scone Abbey, Perthshire [3]
19 Apr 1390, died
Names/titles: Private name: Robert Stewart; Gaelic name: Raibeart; High Steward of Scotland [9 Apr 1326 - 22 Feb 1371]
Born to Walter, 6th High Steward of Scotland and Marjorie Bruce (also known as Margaret de Bruce, or Brus), oldest daughter of King Robert I of Scotland; was declared heir to the throne in default of male issue of his grandfather, Robert I, by Parliament at Scone (3 Dec 1318); forfeited his position as heir apparent on the birth (5 Mar 1324) of his uncle, David (future King David II); became heir presumptive after the death of Robert I (7 Jun 1329); participated in the Battle of Halidon Hill (19 Jul 1333) against the invading English army; was chosen one of the two guardians of the Kingdom (c. 1335-1341) for the absent King David II, who was sent for safety to France; remained a sole guardian after the captivity of another guardian, John Ranulph, 3rd Earl of Moray (1335); relinquished guardianship upon the return of David II (after 2 Jun 1341); chosen guardian of the Kingdom (1346-1357) and exercised royal authority in absence of David II, who was held in captivity in England; rose in rebellion against the king (1363), and after having made his submission was seized and imprisoned together with four of his sons, being only released a short time before David's death; succeeded childless David II (22 Feb 1371); decreed the succession in the male line in Parliament in Scone (4 Apr 1373); received French support to repel the English invasions (1385); handed some of royal authority to his son, John (future King Robert III) (1384), whose activity was interrupted by an accident that made him partially incapacitated (1388); spent last years of his reign under governorship of his second son, Robert, Earl of Menteith (future Duke of Albany) chosen governor of the Kingdom by the king's council at Edinburgh (1 Dec 1388).
Biographical sources: Dunbar (1906), 159-171.

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Image: privy seal of Robert II.