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Hatay: Polity Style: 1938-1939

2 Sep 1938 name of the state (Hatay Devleti) is approved by a resolution passed by the Assembly of the Sanjak of Alexandretta on 2 Sep 1938 (Hatay National Assembly Records, p. 35)
2 Sep 1938 - 29 Jun 1939 Hatay Devleti | Hatay State
7 Sep 1938 Hatay is declared a republican state enjoying absolute independence in its internal affairs in accordance with the Constitution of 1938, passed by the National Assembly of the Hatay State (Hatay Devleti Millet Meclisi) on 6 Sep 1938, effective upon publication (Hatay National Assembly Records, p. 46; Yenigün, No. 1979, 7 Sep 1938; Hatay Official Gazette, No. 24, 11 Sep 1938, pp. 445-447)
29 Jun 1939 the dissolution of the Hatay State and its incorporation into Turkey is approved, session of the National Assembly of the Hatay State, Antakya (Hatay National Assembly Records, pp. 506-507)
11 Jul 1939 the territory of Hatay is organized as a province (vilayet) of Turkey in accordance with a law passed by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi) on 7 Jul 1939, signed into law on 10 Jul 1939, effective upon publication (Turkey Official Gazette, No. 4255, 11 Jul 1939, pp. 12210-12211) [1]

[1] Full title (Turkish): Hatay vilâyeti kurulmasına dair kanun.