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Tonga: Polity Style: 1875-2024

4 Nov 1875 constituted as kingdom when the Constitution is granted by the King 4 Nov 1875 [Tonga Law, Appendix, i-xix]
4 Nov 1875 - Puleʻanga Fakatuʻi ʻo Tonga = Kingdom of Tonga [1]
18 May 1900 Treaty of Friendship with the United Kingdom is signed, placing Tonga under protectorate (effective from the date of signature 18 May 1900 as provided by Art. VII; ratifications exchanged at Nukuʻalofa 16 Feb 1901) [British and Foreign State Papers, 107:521; Tonga Law, Appendix, xxi-xxii]
4 Jun 1970 ceased to be a protected state and became an independent state in accordance with Art. 1 (1) of the Tonga Act, 1970 (received Royal Assent 15 May 1970) [2]

[1] The Constitution does not make an explicit provision for the use of this style, but refers to the polity both as Tonga and Kingdom.
[2] Full title (English): An Act to make provision in connection with the attainment of Tonga of fully responsible status within the Commonwealth