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Switzerland: Polity Style: 1798-2021

12 Apr 1798 proclamation of the independence of the Swiss nation and establishment of one, indivisible, democratic and representative republic are adopted by the Senat/Sénat and Grosser Rat/Grand Conseil (Journal des deux Conseils, No. 1, pp. 3-4; Tageblatt, I. Heft, 1798, p. 3; Bulletin des lois, I. Cahier, 1798, p. 3; ASHR, 1:630-632) [1]
12 Apr 1798 - 8 Mar 1803 Eine und Unteilbare Helvetische Republik = République Helvétique une et indivisible
19 Feb 1803 Acte de médiation is signed by the First Consul of the French Republic in Paris, France, on 30 Pluviôse, Year XI (19 Feb 1803), establilshing the confederation of 19 cantons of Switzerland (Moniteur universel, No. 151, 1 Ventôse, Year XI (20 Feb 1803), Supplement 1, pp. 109-112; Supplement 2, pp. 613-616; Supplement 3, pp. 617-620; Repertorium 1803-1813, pp. 395-494) [2][3]
10 Mar 1803 introduction of a new federal constitution (included in Acte de médiation), proclamation dated 10 Mar 1803, Fribourg (Republikaner, No. 132, 18 Mar 1803, p. 525; Repertorium 1803-1813, p. 496; ASHR, 9:1231)
10 Mar 1803 - Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft = Confédération suisse = Confederazione Svizzera [4][5]

[1] The German text in Tageblatt refers to the independence of "schweizerische Nation", while the French text in Bulletin des lois refers to "République Helvétique". The next proclamation addressed to the people was approved by the Senat/Sénat and Grosser Rat/Grand Conseil on 18 Apr 1798 and referred to "eine und unteilbare helvetische Republik" and "République Helvétique, une, indivisible, démocratique, représentative" (Tageblatt, I. Heft, 1798, pp. 7-9; Bulletin des lois, I. Cahier, 1798, pp. 7-9).
[2] Full title: (French): Acte de médiation | Fait par le Premier Consul de la République française, entre les partis qui divisent la Suisse; (German): Vermittlungsacte des Ersten Consuls der fränkischen Republik zwischen den Parteien, in welche die Schweiz getheilt ist.
[3] The official translation of Acte de médiation into German was published as a brochure and was disrtibuted by the office of the Landammann of Switzerland to the German-speaking cantons starting from 23 May 1803 (ASHR, 9:1233).
[4] "Confédération suisse" is not the name of the confederation included in Acte de médiation. However, the Tagsatzung / Diète of the Confederation passed a resolution (5 Jul 1803), creating the seal of the state with inscription "Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft" (Repertorium 1803-1813, p. 8).
[5] Latin (in limited official use without Constitutional status): Confoederatio Helvetica. Rhaeto-Romansh: Confederaziun svizra; Rhaeto-Romansh became one of the four national languages upon the enactment of a Constitutional amendment effective 29 Apr 1938 (based on the results of popular referendum 20 Feb 1938).
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