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Suriname: Polity Style: 1975-2024

25 Nov 1975 Suriname ceased to be part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in accordance with an amendment to the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Statuut voor het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden) signed by the Queen on 22 Nov 1975, effective on 25 Nov 1975 (Netherlands Official Gazette, 1975, No. 617)
25 Nov 1975 the Constitution of the Republic of Suriname (Grondwet voor de Republiek Suriname) contained in a national ordinance (approved by the Estates of Suriname (Staten van Suriname) on 19 Nov 1975, signed into law by the Governor of Suriname on 24 Nov 1975) comes into operation on 25 Nov 1975 (Suriname Government Gazette, 1975, No. 170; Suriname Official Gazette, 1975, No. 2)
25 Nov 1975 - Republiek Suriname | Republic of Suriname