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Cabanellas, Miguel

Miguel Cabanellas y Ferrer

b. 1 Jan 1872, Cartagena, Murcia
d. 14 May 1938, Málaga, Málaga

Title: Presidente de la Junta de Defensa Nacional de España (President of the Council of National Defense of Spain)
Term: 24 Jul 1936 - 1 Oct 1936
Chronology: 24 Jul 1936, membership and presidency of the Council of National Defense approved, decree of the Council of National Defense (issued at Burgos) [1]
1 Oct 1936, Council of National Defense ceased to function upon the inauguration of Head of State (Jefe del Estado) [2]
Attended the General Military Academy (1889-1891) and Cavalry Academy (1891-1892); promoted to second lieutenant (1893), first lieutenant (1895); as junior officer of the chasseur regiment, took part in the Cuban War of Independence (1895-1896); upon his return to Spain, he studied at the Superior War Academy; spent most of his military career in Spanish colonies in North Africa, where he distinguished himself in military operations; further promotions included captain (1897), comandante (1909), lieutenant colonel (1913), colonel (1916), brigade general (1919), and division general (1924); participated in the reconquest of the Rif (1921); was appointed military governor of the island of Minorca (1924-1926); disapproved of the dictatorship of Miguel Primo de Rivera; retired from active military service (1926); participated in a conspiracy of José Sánchez Guerra y Martínez (1929); following the proclamation of the Republic, returned to military service (1931) and was appointed chief of the military forces in Morocco (1931-1932); nominated director general of the Guardia civil (5 Feb 1932 - 16 Aug 1932); occupied various posts in the army and Guardia civil as inspector general (1933-1936); elected to the Cortes as a representative of Jaén (1933-1934) on the ticket of Partido Republicano Radical (Radical Republican Party); resigned his seat (1934); although he was not involved in preparations of the Nationalist revolt (1936), he declared his support of the movement; as most senior member, was named President of the Council of National Defense (24 Jul 1936 - 1 Oct 1936); served as inspector general of the army (1936-1938) and a member of the Superior Military Council (1937-1938).
Biographical sources: Official biography: Gaceta de Madrid. Domingo 25 Mayo 1924. Núm. 146. PP. 940-941.

[1] Boletín Oficial de la Junta de Defensa Nacional de España. 25 Julio 1936. Núm. 1.
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