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Miaja Menant, José

José Miaja Menant

b. 20 Apr 1878, Oviedo, Asturias, Spain
d. 14 Jan 1958, Mexico City, Mexico

Title: Presidente del Consejo Nacional de Defensa (President of the National Council of Defence)
Term: 5 Mar 1939 - 26 Mar 1939
Chronology: 5 Mar 1939, membership and presidency of the National Council of Defense approved, decree of the National Council of Defense [1][2]
27 Mar 1939, ceased to exercise the functions of office upon leaving the territory of Spain
Attended the Infantry Academy in Toledo (1896-1897); graduated as second lieutenant in 1897; made successful military career earning promotions as lieutenant (1899), captain (1907), comandante (1911), lieutenant colonel (1918), colonel (1925), and brigade general (1932); participated in the African campaigns in Morocco; member of the right-wing Unión Militar Española (Spanish Military Union); remained loyal to the Republican government during the Civil War; was briefly charged with administering the ministry of war (19 Feb 1936 - 24 Feb 1936) in absence of the minister; served one-day term as minister of war (19 Jul 1936 - 19 Jul 1936) in the second Cabinet of Diego Martínez Barrio; served as President of the Council of Defence of Madrid (Presidente de la Junta de Defensa de Madrid, 7 Nov 1936 - 23 Apr 1937) which acted for the government of Francisco Largo Caballero that had moved to Valencia; was instrumental in organizing the defence of Madrid against the offensive of the Nationalists; directed the battles of Guadalajara and Brunete; joined the coup carried out by Segismundo Casado López against the government of Juan Negrín López (5 Mar 1939), which effectively terminated the functioning of the Republican regime in Madrid; remained mostly overshadowed by Casado, who unsuccessfully attempted to negotiate a peace treaty with Francisco Franco; abandoned Madrid (26 Mar 1939) along with other members of the Council of Defence.
Biographical sources: Gaceta de Madrid, No. 204, 22 Jul 1932, p. 607 (official biography).

[1] Gaceta de Madrid. Diario Oficial de la República, No. 65, 13 Mar 1939, p. 501.
[2] Segismundo Casado was in charge of organization of the Council of Defense and presided its first meeting on 5 Mar 1939.