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Spain: Provisional Government: 1843

Gobierno provisional de la Nación (also Gobierno de la Nación)
28 Jun 1843 - 10 Nov 1843 Francisco Serrano [1]
23 Jul 1843 - 10 Nov 1843 Joaquín María de la Asunción López y López [2]
23 Jul 1843 - 10 Nov 1843 Joaquín de Frías y Moya
24 Jul 1843 - 10 Nov 1843 Mateo Miguel Ayllón Alonso
24 Jul 1843 - 10 Nov 1843 Fermín Felipe Caballero Morgáez
Following the rejection of a bill for political amnesty, the Council of Ministers (Consejo de Ministros) presided by Joaquín López was dismissed (19 May 1843) by Baldomero Espartero, Regent of the Kingdom; in response to what was perceived by Espartero's opponents as dictatorship, Francisco Serrano, who had held the portfolio of war minister, moved to Barcelona to rally the opposition; a manifesto signed solely by Serrano (dated 2 Jul 1843, effective 28 Jun 1843) proclaimed the creation of the Provisional Government of the Nation (Gobierno provisional de la Nación) deemed to be the legal reincarnation of the López Ministry; in the new government, Serrano temporarily assumed all ministerial posts until the ministers return to exercising their duties; immediately upon Serrano's proclamation, a declaration of non-recognition of Espartero's regential authority was communicated to Madrid; the new body enlisted support of the Spanish army under Ramón María Narváez y Campos, who defeated the troops loyal to the Regent at Torrejón de Ardoz (22 Jul 1843); the members of the Provisional Government were confirmed in their offices by a series of proclamations issued in the name of Queen Isabel II and "Gobierno de la Nación" dated 23 Jul 1843 (signed by Serrano for López and Frias) and 24 Jul 1843 (signed by López for Ayllón and Caballero); the styles used by individual members of the Provisional Government corresponded to their ministerial offices including López, who continued as Presidente del Consejo de Ministros (President of the Council of Ministers); the Provisional Government acted as de facto regency for Isabel II until the proclamation of the queen's majority by the Cortes (8 Nov 1843) and her swearing-in (10 Nov 1843); presented a collective resignation to Isabel II (10 Nov 1843), who requested the ministers to continue in their offices until the appointment of successors, which followed on 20 Nov 1843. Information sources: [3][4][5]

[1] Sole member until 23 Jul 1843.
[2] Also in the Heads of Government.
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