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Quevedo y Quintano, Pedro (Obispo de Orense)

Pedro Benito Antonio Quevedo y Quintano

b. 12 Jan 1736, Villanueva del Fresno, near Badajoz
d. 27/28 Mar 1818, Orense

Title: Presidente del Supremo Consejo de Regencia de España e Indias
Term: 29 May 1810 - 26 Sep 1810
Names/titles: Obispo de Orense [14 Jul 1776 - ]

Jesuit college, Granada (baccalaureate, 1753); Seminary of Salamanca, Salamanca; University of Avila, Avila (licentiate in theology, 1755); University of Salamanca, Salamanca (doctorate in theology, 1766). Priesthood. Ordained, March 22, 1760. Canon lectoral of the cathedral chapter of Zamora, 1756. Canon magistral of the cathedral chapter of Salamanca, 1760. Professor at the University of Salamanca, 1770; vice-chancellor, 1776. Episcopate. Elected bishop of Orense, April 15, 1776. Consecrated, July 14, 1776, First Monastery of the Visitation (Salesian nuns), Madrid, by Felipe Beltrán Serrano, bishop of Salamanca, assisted by Felipe Pérez Santa María, titular bishop of Costanza in Arabia, auxiliary of Toledo, adn by Francisco Mateo Aguiriano Gómez, titlar bishop of Tagaste, auxiliary of Toledo. Twice declined promotion to the metropolitan see of Seville, 1776 (or 1778), and 1814. Received in his diocese the French clergy exiled during the Revolution. Refused to participate in the Congress of Bayona, 1808, where a constitution favoring the new king of Spain, José Bonaparte, was approved. Elected member of the first regency, February 1810; its president in Cádiz, May-October 1810. Refused to accept the Constitution of 1812 and was exiled to Portugal, 1812-1814, residing in Torey, Portuguese town of the diocese of Orense; returned to his see in 1814 when King Ferdinand VII also returned. Cardinalate. Created cardinal and reserved in pectore in the consistory of March 8, 1816; published in the consistory of September 23, 1816; never received the red hat and the title. Biography source: [5]

[5] Españoles obispos en España, América, Filipinas y otros países. Rome : Instituto Español de Historia Eclesiástica, 1994. (Publicaciones del Instituto Español de Historia Eclesiástica; Subsidia; 29), p. 107-108
Image: engraving by Tomás López Enguídanos after a portrait by Vicente López y Portana (1810).