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Almeida, António José de

António José de Almeida

b. 27 Jul 1866, Vale da Vinha
d. 31 Oct 1929, Lisbon

Title: Presidente da República (President of the Republic)
Term: 5 Oct 1919 - 5 Oct 1923
Chronology: 6 Aug 1919, elected, session of the Congresso da República (Congress of the Republic), Palácio do Congresso (São Bento), Lisbon [1]
5 Oct 1919, made an affirmation required by law at the ceremony of installation as President of the Republic, session of the Congress, Palácio do Congresso (São Bento), Lisbon [2]
5 Oct 1923, expiration of term
Educated at a Coimbra lyceum; studied medicine at the University of Coimbra and graduated in 1895; was active in anti-monarchist movement and published (1890) an article (Bragança, o último) targeted against the king of Portugal; spent three months in prison; practiced medicine in Angola and Sao Tome (1896-1903) and Paris (1903); joined the republican movement and was one of the most eloquent orators; elected to the Câmara dos Senhores Deputados (1906-1910) as a representative of Lisbon; was involved in abortive republican coup and subsequently imprisoned (1908); as a leader of moderate wing of the Partido Republicano Português (Portuguese Republican Party), joined the Provisional Government of Joaquim Teófilo Braga as minister of the interior (5 Oct 1910 - 3 Sep 1911); founded the magazine República (1911); split with the republicans and founded (1912) the Partido Republicano Evolucionista (Evolutionist Republican Party); appointed President of the Ministry and minister of colonies (15 Mar 1916 - 25 Apr 1917); in this government he also served briefly as interim finance minister (twice) and interim minister of public education; a leader of the Partido Liberal Republicano (Republican Liberal Party), which appeared as a result of the merger (1919) of the Republican Evolutionist Party and the União Republicana (Republican Union) and won parliamentary elections in 1919; elected President of the Republic (6 Aug 1919), serving from 5 Oct 1919 to 5 Oct 1923; endured a long period of political instability, including a number of revolts and the assassination of President of the Ministry António Joaquim Granjo (died 20 Nov 1920); traveled to Brazil (17 Aug 1922 - 27 Sep 1922) to celebrate the centennial of Brazilian independence; after the expiration of his term as President, he continued to cooperate with República.
Biographical sources: "Os presidentes e os governos da república no século XX", by Alberto Laplaine Guimarães... [et al.] (Lisboa: Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda, 2000) ; "Os Presidentes da República Portuguesa", coord. by António Costa Pinto and Maria Inácia Rezola (Lisboa: Temas & Debates, 2001) .

Vote (6 Aug 1919)
  1st ballot 2nd ballot * 3rd ballot
António José de Almeida 87 93 123
Manuel Teixeira Gomes 82 83 31
Afonso Augusto da Costa 3
Duarte Leite Pereira da Silva 1
António Xavier Correia Barreto 1
Sebastião de Magalhães Lima 1
José Francisco Azevedo e Silva 1
blank 5 2 13
invalid 0 1 0
total votes cast 181 179 167
* At the second ballot, one vote with a name written as "António Teixeira Gomes" was considered invalid.
Source of electoral results: Diario do Congresso. Sessão N.° 6. Em 6 de Agosto de 1919. PP. 5-9.

[1] Diario do Congresso. Sessão N.° 6. Em 6 de Agosto de 1919. PP. 5-9.
[2] Diario do Congresso. Sessão N.° 8. Em 5 de Outubro de 1919. PP. 4-5.