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Peru-Bolivian Confederation: Polity Style: 1836-1839

28 Oct 1836 Bolivia, South-Peruvian State and North-Peruvian State constitute a confederation under the name of Confederación Perú-Boliviana, decree signed and promulgated in Lima 28 Oct 1836 [Coleccíon Quirós, 5:409-410]
28 Oct 1836 - 20 Feb 1839 Confederación Perú-Boliviana
30 Jul 1838 North-Peruvian State is proclaimed an independent and free state, decree signed 30 Jul 1838 in Lima [Coleccíon Quirós, 6:98-99] [1]
17 Feb 1839 North-Peruvian State disintegrates upon the occupation of the seat of government by the armed forces of Peru
20 Feb 1839 government of the Confederation ceases to exist upon the resignation signed at Arequipa by the Supreme Protector [Coleccíon Quirós, 6:214]

[1] Proclamation is decreed by an acting head of the state government heretofore exercising the functions of Supremo Protector del Estado Nor-Peruano in defiance of the incumbent; independent status is effectively applied only to the territories of North Peru in submission to Presidente Provisorio de la República originally based in Lima (to 22 Aug 1838) and then in Callao (to ? Nov 1838).