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South-Peruvian State: Polity Style: 1836-1839

17 Mar 1836 departamentos of Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cuzco and Puno constitute an independent state under the name of Estado Sud-Peruano, declaration of independence, passed by the assembly of South Peru, Sicuani (now in the departamento of Cuzco) [Coleccíon Quirós, 5:242-244]
17 Mar 1836 - 22 Feb 1839 Estado Sud-Peruano [1]
28 Oct 1836 Bolivia, South-Peruvian State and North-Peruvian State constitute a confederation under the name of Confederación Perú-Boliviana, decree signed and promulgated in Lima 28 Oct 1836 [Coleccíon Quirós, 5:409-410]
22 Feb 1839 government of the South-Peruvian state ceases to function in accordance with a treaty concluded with the representatives of Peru in Cuzco 22 Feb 1839 [El Cóndor Restaurado, 2 Mar 1839 cited in Parkerson (1984), 305]

[1] In official use from 1837 on coins, etc.: República del Sud del Perú and República Sud-Peruana.