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Pakistan: Polity Style: 1947-2024

15 Aug 1947 British India is partitioned into the independent dominions of India and Pakistan in accordance with an act passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom (House of Commons on 15 Jul 1947, House of Lords on 16 Jul 1947; received Royal Assent on 18 Jul 1947; effective on 15 Aug 1947) (Public General Acts, 1947, Volume I, pp. 236-255) [1]
15 Aug 1947 a provisional constitution of Pakistan, the Pakistan (Provisional Constitution) Order, 1947, is made by the Governor General of British India on 14 Aug 1947 and came into force on 15 Aug 1947 (Gazette of India, Extra, 14 Aug 1947, pp. 980-1015)
15 Aug 1947 - 22 Mar 1956 Pakistan :: Pākistān [2]
23 Mar 1956 the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 29 Feb 1956, assented to on 2 Mar 1956 and came into effect on the Constitution Day (23 Mar 1956) fixed by a resolution of the Constituent Assembly of 2 Mar 1956 (Constituent Assembly of Pakistan Debates : Official Report of the First Session of the Second Constituent Assembly of Pakistan Debates, vol. 1, pp. 3730-3732)
23 Mar 1956 - 8 Jun 1962 Islamic Republic of Pakistan :: Islāmī Jumhūriyya-yi Pākistān :: Islāmī Jumhūriyāt-e Pākistān [3]
8 Jun 1962 the Constitution of the Republic of Pakistan is promulgated on 1 Mar 1962 and came into effect on the day of the first meeting of the National Assembly on 8 Jun 1962 (Gazette of Pakistan, Extra, 8 Jun 1962, pp. 824a, 1076e)
8 Jun 1962 - 16 Jan 1964 Republic of Pakistan :: Jumhūriyya-yi Pākistān :: Jumhūriyāt-e Pākistān
16 Jan 1964 the name of the state is changed to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in accordance with an act amending the Constitution (passed by the National Assembly on 25 Dec 1963, assented to on 10 Jan 1964, effective on publication) (Gazette of Pakistan, Extra, 16 Jan 1964, pp. 65c-65l)
16 Jan 1964 - Islamic Republic of Pakistan :: Islāmī Jumhūriyya-yi Pākistān :: (to 14 Aug 1973) Islāmī Jumhūriyāt-e Pākistān [4]

[1] Full title: An Act to make provision for the setting up in India of two independent Dominions, to substitute order provisions for certain provisions of the Government of India Act, 1935, which apply outside those Dominions, and to provide for other matters consequential on or connected with the setting up of those Dominions; short title: Indian Independence Act, 1947.
[2] The Indian Independence Act, 1947, established Pakistan as a new polity, referring to it as one of "the new dominions." The Pakistan (Provisional Constitution) Order, 1947, provided for the unification of the provinces and Indian States "in a Federation by the name of Pakistan." Accordingly, the style Dominion of Pakistan, in occasional official use, had no Constitutional warrant.
[3] The Constitution of 1956, established in its Article 214 (1) that "The State languages of Pakistan shall be Urdu and Bengali" with a 20-year time span during which "English shall continue to be used for all official purposes for which it was used in Pakistan immediately before the Constitution day."
[4] Full title: An Act to amend the Constitution of the Republic of Pakistan; short title: Constitution (First Amendment) Act, 1963.