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León: Heads of State: 1821-1825

Jefe Político Superior e Intendente [1]
28 Sep 1821 - 12 Oct 1821 Miguel González de Saravia y Colarte
Primer Vocal de la Junta Provisional Gubernativa de la Provincia de Nicaragua [2]
17 Apr 1823 - 4 Jan 1825 Pedro Solís Terán

[1] In office from 15 Sep 1821; endorses independence from Spain and secession of the Provincia de Nicaragua (28 Sep 1821) from the Reino de Guatemala; opposed by the authorities set up in Granada; continues in office after incorporation into Mexico (12 Oct 1821, confirmed 5 Jan 1822).
[2] Remains in office between the declaration of the territory controlled by León-based government an "orphan" and thus sovereign polity Provincia de Nicaragua (17 Apr 1823) and the surrender (4 Jan 1825) to the authority of Manuel Arzú y Nájera, sent by the federal government of the Provincias Unidas del Centro de América (United Provinces of the Center of America); the León government proclaims Nicaragua part of the United Provinces 2 Jul 1823.