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The Netherlands: Kings: 1806-1810

Door de Gratie Gods en de Constitutionele Wetten van den Staat/van het Koninkrijk, Koning van Holland | By the Grace of God and the Constitutional Laws of the State / of the Kingdom, King of Holland
9 Jun 1806 - 7 Aug 1806 Lodewijk Napoleon [1][2]
Door de Gratie Gods en de Constitutie des Rijks/Koninkrijks, Koning van Holland | By the Grace of God and the Constitution of the Realm / Kingdom, King of Holland
7 Aug 1806 - 1 Jul 1810 Lodewijk Napoleon 
1 Jul 1810 - 9 Jul 1810 Napoleon Lodewijk [3][4]

[1] Original name: Louis Bonaparte; proclaimed under the name Louis Napoléon; royal decrees published in Dutch in Koninklijke Courant through 20 Apr 1807 (latest is dated 17 Apr 1807) are signed "Louis Napoléon". The name was replaced with Dutch equivalent (Lodewijk Napoleon) starting from those published in Koninklijke Courant, No. 95, 21 Apr 1807.
[2] Accepted the crown at a ceremony held in Paris 5 Jun 1806 and issued the proclamation of accession on the same date. A royal representative assumed the office in The Hague 9 Jun 1806.
[3] The Constitution of the Kingdom of Holland of 1806 (Art. 23) assigned the regency to the Queen during the minority of the king. Accordingly, the royal proclamation and decree of 1 Jul 1810, announcing the abdication of Lodewijk Napoleon and accession of Napoleon Lodewijk, confirmed Queen Hortense (original name: Hortense-Eugénie-Cécile de Beauharnais) in her office, but she never took it being absent from the kingdom. The Provisional Council of Regency established by the same proclamation and decree was constituted in Amsterdam 3 Jul 1810 and governed in the absence of the Queen until the arrival of Lieutenant-General of the Emperor to Amsterdam on 14 Jul 1810.
[4] Provisionele Raad van Regentschap van het Koninkrijk Holland: Voorzitter | Provisional Council of Regency of the Kingdom of Holland: President (regency during minority)
  3 Jul 1810 - 14 Jul 1810 Paulus Jacobsz. van der Heim