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Mali: Polity Style: 1958-2024

24 Nov 1958 territory of French Sudan is proclaimed a member state of the Communauté (French Community) under the name of République Soudanaise (Sudanese Republic) in accordance with a resolution passed by the Assemblée Territoriale of French Sudan on 24 Nov 1958 and promulgated the same day (JORM, No. 1, 24 Nov 1958, pp. 1-2)
24 Nov 1958 - 22 Sep 1960 République Soudanaise | Sudanese Republic
4 Apr 1959 formed part of the Mali Federation upon the organisation of the federal government, session of the Federal Legislative Assembly, Dakar
20 Jun 1960 Mali Federation acceded to independence by agreement with the Communauté
22 Sep 1960 name of the state is changed and the Republic of Mali is proclaimed a sovereign state in accordance with a law passed by the National Assembly (JORM, No. 65, 29 Sep 1960, pp. I-II)
22 Sep 1960 - République du Mali | Republic of Mali