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Libya: Head of Provisional Government: 1951

Provisional Government: Prime Minister [1]
29 Mar 1951 - 24 Dec 1951 Mahmud El Muntasser = Maḥmūd Aḥmad Ḍiyāʾ al-Dīn al-Muntaṣir (محمود أحمد ضياء الدين المنتصر)

[1] The Provisional Government was constituted by the National Assembly of Libya 29 Mar 1951. After the promulgation of the Constitution (7 Oct 1951), it was officially styled the Provisional Government of the United Libyan Kingdom. The transfer of powers from the British Resident for Tripolitania and the French Resident in the Fezzan began on 12 Oct 1951 and was accomplished by 24 Dec 1951.