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Later Baekje: Polity Style: 900-936

892 part of the territory of Silla, formerly occupied by Baekje, is seized by Gyeon Hwon (甄萱|견훤) in the course of a rebellion (Samguk Sagi, ch. 11, ch. 50)
900 Gyeon Hwon proclaimed himself king (Samguk Sagi, ch. 50; Samguk Yusa, ch. 2)
900 - 26 Sep 935 Baekje (百濟|백제) [1]
26 Sep 936 the Later Baekje ceased to exist after a military defeat by the army of Korea (Goryeosa, ch. 2)

[1] Historically known as the Later Baekje (Hubaekje|後百濟|후백제) in the Samguk Sagi and other sources.