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Later Baekje: Kings: 900-936

Ruling house: Gyeon (|) [1]
Gugwang (國王|국왕) [2]
900 - Apr/May 935 Hwon (|)
Apr/May 935 - 26 Sep 936 Singeom (神劍|신검)

[1] Original surname: I (|) as recorded in the Samguk Sagi (ch. 50) and Samguk Yusa (ch. 2).
[2] Before his proclamation as king: Supervisor of all the forces in the West of Silla (Silla seomyeon dotong jihwi byeongma jechi|新羅西面都統指揮兵馬制置|신라서면도통지휘병마제치), plenipotentiary Commander-in-Chief over the military affairs of all the various prefectures there (Jijeol dodok jeonmugongdeungju gunsa|持節都督全武公等州軍事|지절도독전무공등주군사), officiating as Prefect in all those prefectures (Haengjeon ju jasa|行全州刺史|행전주자사), Principal Assistant Censor (Eosa jungseung|御史中丞|어사중승), Supreme Pillar of the State (Sangjuguk|上柱國|상주국), founding duke of the province of Hannam (Hannamgun gaegukgong|漢南郡開國公|한남군개국공).