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Goguryeo: Polity Style

before 4th century Goguryeo (高句驪|고구려)
4th century - 668 Goryeo guk (高麗國|고려국)
22 Oct 668 the polity is annexed to Tang after the surrender of the king of Goguryeo and the capture of the capital by the armies of Tang and Silla [1]
b/w May and Jul 670 Goguryeo is partially restored after the proclamation of Anseung (安勝|안승) as king and subsequent recognition by Silla on 21 Aug 670 (Samguk Sagi, ch. 6; Zīzhì Tòngjiàn, ch. 201)
Jun/Jul 673 the restoration movement is suppressed by the armies of Tang (Samguk Sagi, ch. 22)

[1] Chinese histories agree that the capital of Goguryeo fell to the armies of Tang and Silla on 22 Oct 668 when Jang and his ministers were captured (Old Book of Tang, ch. 5; New Book of Tang, ch. 3; Zīzhì Tòngjiàn, ch. 201). The Nihon Shoki, ch. 27, mentions the "destruction" of Goguryeo under Nov/Dec 668, while the Samguk Sagi, ch. 6, places the beginning of the siege on 31 Oct 668.