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Goguryeo: King: 670-673

Gugwang (國王|국왕)
b/w May and Jul 670 - Jun/Jul 673 Anseung (安勝|안승) or Ansun (安舜|안순) [1]

[1] Proclaimed king of Goguryeo in 670 and was recognized by an edict of the king of Silla issued on 21 Aug 670. After a series of military defeats inflicted by the armies of Tang, he fled to Silla where he was enfeoffed as Bodeok wang (報德王|보덕왕) [674]. Anseung and his followers were settled on former Baekje territory, where the fiction of an independent Goguryeo (sort of a government-in-exile) seems to have been maintained until 683.