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Kingdom of the Two Sicilies: Polity Style: 1816-1860

9 Dec 1816 the Kingdom of Naples (Regno di Sicilia al di qua del Faro) and the Kingdom of Sicily (Regno di Sicilia al di là del Faro) are merged into the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (Regno delle Due Sicilie) in accordance with a fundamental law (Legge fondamentale del regno delle Due Sicilie, portante ancora l'instituzione della Cancelleria generale del detto regno) promulgated on 8 Dec 1816, effective on publication on 9 Dec 1816 (Collezione delle leggi e decreti reali, No. 76, 1816, pp. 407-409)
9 Dec 1816 - 6 Sep 1860 Regno delle Due Sicilie
6 Sep 1860 the royal government ceased to function upon the departure of King Francesco II from Naples on 6 Sep 1860 (Collezione delle leggi e decreti reali, No. 8, 1860, pp. 459-463) [2]
7 Sep 1860 the government of the Two Sicilies is transferred to the commander-in-chief of the armed forces occupying Naples in the name of the King of Sardinia (Atti del governo, No. 1, 7-10 Sep 1860, pp. 1-2; Romano-Manebrini, pp. 99-103)
17 Dec 1860 the Neapolitan and Sicilian provinces (Provincie Napoletane, Provincie Siciliane) are incorporated into the Sardinian monarchy in accordance with the royal decrees issued by the King of Sardinia on 17 Dec 1860 in Naples with immediate effect (Atti del governo, No. 27, 21-31 Dec 1860, pp. 322-323; Sardinia Official Gazette, No. 306, 26 Dec 1860, p. 1) [1]
13 Feb 1861 an act of capitulation is signed by the commander of the troops of the Kingdom of Sardinia and governor of Gaeta in Castellone di Gaeta on 13 Feb 1861 (Gaëte, pp. 128-133)

[1] The decrees provided for the incorporation of the provincies into the "Italian State" (Stato Italiano), omitting any reference to the domains of the Sardinian monarchy.
[2] Francesco II continued to exercise the royal authority on the territories controlled by the army of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, mostly in Gaeta and its vicinity, until the capitulation of Gaeta on 13 Feb 1861.