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Grand Duchy of Tuscany: Grand Duke: 1849-1859

Per la grazia di Dio Principe Imperiale d'Austria, Principe Reale di Ungheria, e di Boemia, Arciduca d'Austria, Granduca di Toscana ec. ec. ec.
6 May 1849 - 27 Apr 1859 Leopoldo II [1][2]
  baptized (3 Oct 1797): Leopoldo Giovanni Giuseppe Francesco Ferdinando Carlo

[1] The transfer of supreme authority from the Government Commission of Tuscany to the commissioner extraordinary of the Grand Duke took place in Florence on 6 May 1849.
[2] Left Tuscany on 27 Apr 1859 and abdicated (21 Jul 1859) in favour of his son, Ferdinando, who was not recognized by the Government of Tuscany. The Austro-Lorraine dynasty was proclaimed to have abandoned the government of Tuscany without any prospects for restoration by a resolution of the Assemblea dei Rappresentanti of 16 Aug 1859.