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Sikkim: Polity Style: 1642-2024

1642 organised as a polity upon the consecration of the first ruler of the rNam-rgyal dynasty
1642? - 16 May 1975 'Bras-ljongs [1]
1 Mar 1975 formally given the status of an Associated State of India upon the taking effect of the Constitution (Thirty-fifth Amendment) Act, 1974 (receives assent of the President of India 22 Feb 1975)
10 Apr 1975 Assembly of Sikkim passes a resolution abolishing the monarchy and proclaiming the accession to India (endorsed by referendum on 14 Apr 1975)
16 May 1975 admitted to the union of India when the Constitution (Thirty-sixth Amendment) Act, 1975 receives assent of the President of India 16 May 1975 (passed by the Lok Sabha 23 Apr 1975, passed by the Rajya Sabha 26 Apr 1975, retrospectively effective from 26 Apr 1975)
16 May 1975 - State of Sikkim

[1] English name of the polity (Sikkim) also appears in official use after 1861.