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Hungary: Governor-President: 1849

Ország kormányzó-elnöke | Governor-President of the Nation [1]
14 Apr 1849 - 11 Aug 1849 kossuthfalvi és udvardi Kossuth Lajos [2]

[1] Also in official use: Kormányzó (Governor); Kormányzó elnöke (Governor-President); Ország kormányzója (Governor of the Nation).
[2] The resignation of Kossuth (effective 20:00 11 Aug 1849) authorized commander-in-chief of the Hungarian army Görgei Artúr (in full: görgői és toporczi Görgei Artúr) to assume military and civil power. Görgey proceeded with issuing a manifesto to that effect (dated 11 Aug 1849, at Arad), but hesitated to assume any state office until 13 Aug 1849 when he surrendered to the Russian troops who had invaded Hungary to help restore the Habsburg monarchy.