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Guinea: Polity Style: 1958-2024

2 Oct 1958 French Guinea is proclaimed an independent nation under the name of République de Guinée (Republic of Guinea) in accordance with a proclamation passed by the Assemblée Territoriale of French Guinea on 2 Oct 1958, session of the Assembly, Conakry (JORG-D, No. 1, Oct 1958, pp. 1-3) [1]
2 Oct 1958 - 21 Nov 1978 République de Guinée
21 Nov 1978 name of the state is changed in accordance with a resolution of the 11th Congress of the Democratic Party of Guinea (Parti Démocratique de Guinée) ("Travaux du XIème Congres," in Révolution démocratique africaine, No 118 [Conakry: Imprimerie nationale "Patrice Lumumba", 1979], p. 123) [2]
21 Nov 1978 - 23 May 1984 République Populaire Révolutionnaire de Guinée
23 May 1984 - République de Guinée

[1] French Guinea rejected a new Constitution of the French Republic, including a provision for the membership in the Communauté (French Community) at the referendum of 28 Sep 1958. The results of the referendum were formally announced (2 Oct 1958) at the session of the Assemblée Territoriale which immediately proceeded with the proclamation of independence.
[2] In accordance with the same resolution the Democratic Party of Guinea was reorganized as the Party-State of Guinea (Parti-État de Guinée).