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Los Altos: Polity Style: 1838-1849

2 Feb 1838 municipality of Quetzaltenango issues a declaration of secession from Guatemala, with a view to forming a new component of Central-American Federation, and forms a provisional government subjected to the federal authorities
5 Feb 1838 municipalities of Totonicapán and Sololá join Quetzaltenango to form a provisional government of Estado de los Altos [1]
5 Feb 1838 - 29 Jan 1840 Estado de los Altos
16 Aug 1838 departamentos of Sololá, Totonicapán and Quetzaltenango are authorised to form a new member state of the Central-American Federation, decree of the Congreso (passed by the Cámara de Diputados 5 Jun 1838, passed by the Senado 14 Aug 1838, promulgated as a decree 16 Aug 1838)
29 Jan 1840 polity disintegrates upon the occupation of the seat of government by the armed forces of Guatemala
29 Jan 1840 - 5 Sep 1848 part of Guatemala
26 Aug 1848 municipal council of Quetzaltenango declares the continued existence of Estado de los Altos, and calls for the other municipalities to join
5 Sep 1848 delegates from six municipalities meet and appoint a provisional government of Estado de los Altos
5 Sep 1848 - 15 May 1849 Estado de los Altos
15 May 1849 ratification of convention between Guatemala and Los Altos for incorporation of the communities of Los Altos into Guatemala

[1] The creation of Estado de los Altos was not formally finalised until 7 Feb 1838 [Taracena (1997), 166]