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Grävell, Maximilian

Maximilian Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Grävell

b. 28 Aug 1781, Belgard, Pomerania, Royal Prussian States (now Białograd, Poland)
d. 29 Sep 1860, Dresden, Saxony

Title: Interimistischer Präsident des Reichsministerrates (Interim President of the Reich Council of Ministers)
Term: 16 May 1849 - 3 Jun 1849
Chronology: 16 May 1849, appointed by the Reichsverweser (Reich Vicar) [1, IX, 6611]
  3 Jun 1849, discharged by the Reich Vicar acting on the letter of resignation dated 2 Jun 1849 [2]

The son of a chaplain; was educated as lawyer in Halle (1799-1801) and received his doctor's degree in law in 1801; admitted to the bar in Halle, where he served as investigator (1801-1803); after a brief tenure as a Berlin judiciary employee (1803), became quartermaster of the Essen fusilier battalion (1803-1804); returned to Berlin, but soon took over a job as counselor for local government at Plock (1804-1806); managed a farm near Stolp (1806-1807); practiced law in Cottbus (1807-1809); judiciary employee at Dresden (1809-1811); held minor position with the law courts at Soldin and Stargard (1811-1813); participated in the war of liberation against the troops of Napoleonic France (1813-1815); legal advisor for local government at Merseburg (1816-1818); suspended from office for his publications in the press (1818); free-lance author (from 1818) in Merseburg; sentenced to six-month imprisonment in Berlin (1820); manager of the estates of Fürst von Pückler (1825-1834); devoted himself to writing political and theological works (from 1834), living in Spremberg, Lübben and other towns near Frankfurt an der Oder; elected as a representative of Muskau, Prussian Province of Silesia, to the Nationalversammlung (National Assembly) and served as deputy (18 May 1848 - 16 May 1849); joined the Casino faction, but later affiliated himself with the conservatives of Café Milani; appointed Reich minister of the interior and Interim President of the Reich Council of Ministers (16 May 1849 - 3 Jun 1849). Biography source: [3]

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