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Berlin (East): Polity Style: 1948-1991

30 Nov 1948 election of a Magistrat (city government) by an assembly convened at the Soviet sector, acting in opposition to the existing Magistrat, Berlin is partitioned de facto into Berlin (East) and Berlin (West)
30 Nov 1948 - 1977 Groß-Berlin [1]
7 Oct 1949 Groß-Berlin is declared, contrary to international agreement, to be incorporated into the German Democratic Republic; while Berlin (West) remains under the formal sovereignty of the Allied Powers (United States, United Kingdom, and France), Berlin (East) forms a part of the German Democratic Republic until 2 Oct 1990
1977 - 23 Jul 1990 Berlin, Hauptstadt der DDR
23 Jul 1990 Constitution of Berlin (Verfassung von Berlin) becomes effective upon promulgation, applicable to 11 districts of East Berlin
23 Jul 1990 - 11 Jan 1991 Berlin
3 Oct 1990 incorporated into Germany
11 Jan 1991 Magistrat of Berlin (East) ceases to function in accordance with provisions of the Constitution of Berlin of 1990 (Art. 88-4) and an amendment added to the Constitution of Berlin of 1950 applicable to Berlin (West) in 1950-1990

[1] Corresponds to the territory of Soviet zone of occupation of Berlin (East Berlin).