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Benoist d'Azy, Denis

Denis-Aimé-René-Emmanuel Benoist d'Azy

b. 3 Jan 1796, Paris
d. 25 Feb 1880, Château d'Azy, Nièvre

Title: Président de l'Assemblée nationale (President of the National Assembly)
Term: 12 Feb 1871 - 16 Feb 1871
Chronology: 12 Feb 1871, assumed the chair with general consent as the oldest deputy attending the session, also referred to as doyen d'âge, session of the Assemblée nationale (National Assembly), Grand Théâtre, Bordeaux [1]
13 Feb 1871, National Assembly assumed highest state authority upon the resignation of the Government of National Defence submitted to the Assembly, session of the Assemblée nationale (National Assembly), Grand Théâtre, Bordeaux [2]
16 Feb 1871, ceased to exercise the functions of office upon the election of a successor [3]
Names/titles: Original surname: Benoist; addition of d'Azy authorized by an ordinance (26 Jun 1847); comte Benoist (count Benoist) [before 1847]; comte Benoist d'Azy (count Benoist d'Azy) [after 1847]
Son of Pierre-Vincent comte Benoist, member of the Chambre des députés (Chamber of Deputies) in 1815-1828; worked as a secretary of the French legation in one of the German states; was employed by fiscal administration; made general inspector and then director of financial service; retired after the July Revolution (1830); was engaged in mining and railroad construction business; was an unsuccessful candidate at the parliamentary elections in 1834 and 1841; elected to the Chamber of Deputies by the constituency of Château-Chinon, Nièvre (1842-1848); joined the faction of right legitimists; did not stand for election to the Assemblée nationale constituante (Constituent National Assembly) (1848-1849); elected to the Assemblée nationale législative (Legislative National Assembly) (1849-1851) from the département of Gard; served as Vice President of the Legislative National Assembly (1849-1851); protested against the coup d'état of 2 Dec 1851; was arrested, but soon released; retired from politics during the reign of Napoléon III; served as a manager in business companies; elected to the Assemblée nationale (National Assembly) by two départements, opted for Nièvre (1871-1876); presided at the first meetings of the Assembly as doyen d'âge (12 Feb 1871 - 16 Feb 1871); Vice President of the National Assembly (16 Feb 1871 - 8 Mar 1876).
Biographical sources: Dictionnaire des parlementaires français 1789-1889, 1:254; Dictionnaire de biographie française, vol. 5; "Dictionnaire de la noblesse française", ed. by E. de Sereville, F. de Saint Simon (Paris: La Société française au XXe siècle), 170.

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