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Moulin, Jean-François-Auguste

Jean-François-Auguste Moulin

b. 14 Mar 1752, Caen, Calvados
d. 12 Mar 1810, Pierrefitte, Seine

Title: Membre du Directoire exécutif de la République française (Member of the Executive Directory of the French Republic)
Term: 27 Jun 1799 - 10 Nov 1799
Chronology: 20 Jun 1799, elected, session of the Council of Ancients, salle des Machines, Palais des Tuileries, Paris [1]
27 Jun 1799, assumed the functions of office, session of the Executive Directory, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris [2]
10 Nov 1799, Executive Directory recognized as not existing, Law of 19 Brumaire, Year VIII, passed by the Council of Ancients, galerie d'Apollon (grande galerie), Palais de Saint-Cloud, Saint-Cloud [3]
Names/titles: Surname also spelled: Moulins
Son of a grocer; joined an infantry regiment (1768); served as geographer with the coast guard (1770-1788); volunteered for the Paris national guard (1789); was promoted to adjutant major (1791), adjutant general (8 Mar 1793), brigade general (11 Sep 1793), general of division (28 Nov 1793); participated in the wars of Vendée; distinguished himself at Saumur (10 Jun 1793); after a brief detention at Nantes was released and put in charge (27 Apr 1794) of the Brest army; named (8 Oct 1794) commander-in-chief of the Alps army; fought the Piedmontese (1795); served as commander of military divisions in Strasbourg (1796) and Paris (1797); transferred (1798) to the army formed to land in England; was not directly involved in politics until the coup of 30 Prairial, Year VII (18 Jun 1799); elected (20 Jun 1799) to the Directoire exécutif (Executive Directory) to succeed Louis-Marie de La Revellière-Lépeaux; a determined republican, joined Louis-Jérôme Gohier in protesting against the coup d'état of 18 Brumaire, Year VIII (9 Nov 1799 - 10 Nov 1799); appointed (1 Nov 1804) commander of the Antwerp army; joined the Grand Army (1807); appointed envoy in Mainz (1808) and military inspector; served in the army staying in Germany, but returned to France (1809) for health reasons.
Biographical sources: "Le général Moulin", by G. Buffy in La Révolution française: revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine, vol. 50, pp. 352-365.

Candidate Vote (20 Jun 1799)
Jean-François-Auguste Moulin 105
Pierre-François-Joseph Lefebvre 68
Louis-Antoine Pille 4
Florent Guiot (de Saint-Florent) 2
Charles-François Dupuis 2
André Masséna 2
Jean-Baptiste-Raymond Lacrosse 1
Charles Pottier 1
Pierre Martin 0
Georges-Joseph Dufour 0
invalid/blank 1
total votes cast 186
Source of electoral results: Moniteur universel, No. 275, 5 messidor an VII, p. 1122.

[1] Moniteur universel, No. 275, 5 messidor an VII, p. 1122.
[2] Procès-verbaux du Directoire exécutif, 9:89.
[3] The Council of Ancients received a message from the secretary general of the Executive Directory at about 15:30 10 Nov 1799 (19 brumaire an VIII) (Moniteur universel, No. 51, 21 brumaire an VIII), notifying the Council that four members of the Directory resigned and the fifth (Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès) was taken into custody on orders of General Bonaparte. The actual resignations of Moulin, Roger-Ducos and Gohier were never submitted either to the Council of Five Hundred, or to the Council of Ancients.
  Image: estampe (Paris : chez Basset, [1799]).