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DALBERG, Emèrick-Joseph de

Emèrick-Joseph-Wolfgang-Héribert de Dalberg

b. 31 May 1773, Mainz, Archbishopric of Mainz
d. 27 Apr 1833, Schloß Herrnsheim, Grand Duchy of Hesse

Title: Membre du Gouvernement provisoire (Member of the Provisional Government)
Term: 1 Apr 1814 - 14 Apr 1814
Chronology: 1 Apr 1814, appointed, resolution of the Sénat conservateur [1, vol. 39, pp. 498-500]
14 Apr 1814, provisional government conferred on the Lieutenant général du royaume (Lieutenant General of the Kingdom), resolution of the Sénat conservateur [1, vol. 40, pp. 5-7]
Names/titles: Original (German) name: Emmerich Joseph Wolfgang Herbert Cämmerer von Worms, gen. von Dalberg; duc de Dalberg, duc de l'Empire (duke of Dalberg, duke of the Empire) [from 14 Aug 1810]

Nephew of Carl Theodor Reichsfreiherr von Dalberg, prince-primate of the Confederation of the Rhine (1806-1813) and grand duke of Frankfurt (1810-1813); studied ecclesiastical disciplines at Göttingen; served as Baden's envoy in Paris (1803-1809); naturalized as French citizen (1809); entered diplomatic service and negotiated the marriage of Napoleon I and Marie-Louise (1 Apr 1810); was made a duke of the Empire (1810) and a privy councilor (14 Oct 1810); appointed a member of the Provisional Government (1 Apr 1814 - 14 Apr 1814); participated in the Congress of Vienna; during the Second Restoration (1815), was made minister of state and a peer of France (17 Aug 1815); served as ambassador in Turin (from 1816). Biography source: [2]

[1] "Histoire parlementaire de la Révolution française, ou Journal des assemblées nationales, depuis 1789 jusqu'en 1815", ed. by P.-J.-B. Buchez et P.-C. Roux (Paris: Paulin, 1838)
[2] Dictionnaire des parlementaires français 1789-1889,
Image: sketch by Comte de Noé.