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Barthélemy, François

François-Marie Barthélemy

b. 20 Oct 1747, Aubagne, Bouches-du-Rhône
d. 3 Apr 1830, Paris

Title: Membre du Directoire exécutif de la République française (Member of the Executive Directory of the French Republic)
Term: 6 Jun 1797 - 5 Sep 1797
Chronology: 24 May 1797, ten candidates for election of a member of the Directoire exécutif (Executive Directory) nominated by the Conseil des Cinq-Cents (Council of Five Hundred) and the list passed to the Conseil des Anciens (Council of Ancients) [1]
26 May 1797, elected and proclaimed member of the Executive Directory by the Council of Ancients, session of the Council, salle des Machines, Palais des Tuileries, Paris [2]
6 Jun 1797, installed as a member of the Directory, meeting of the Executive Directory, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris [3][4][5]
5 Sep 1797, condemned to exile by Art. XIII of the Law on Public Salvation passed by the Council of Ancients [6][7]; membership in the Directory implicitly revoked
Names/titles: Comte Barthélemy, comte de l'Empire (count Barthélemy, as count of the Empire) [from 26 Apr 1808]; marquis de Barthélemy (marquis of Barthélemy) [from 2 May 1818]

Nephew of popular author and archaeologist Jean-Jacques Barthélemy, who helped him to receive a job in the foreign affairs department; served on diplomatic missions in Sweden, Switzerland and Great Britain; appointed minister to the Swiss cantons (1791-1797) and was instrumental in negotiating the Treaties of Basel (1795) with Prussia, Spain and Hessen; elected (26 May 1797) member of the Directoire exécutif (Executive Directory) to replace Étienne-François Le Tourneur; was a moderate democrat with royalist leanings, sided with of Lazare Carnot; arrested during the coup d'état of 18 Fructidor, Year V (4 Sep 1797); condemned to exile and expelled from the Directory (5 Sep 1797); deported to French Guiana, escaped to the United States and then moved to Great Britain; put on the lists of émigrés and could not return to France until the coup of 18 Brumaire (9 Nov 1799); during the Consulate was named a member of the Sénat conservateur (24 Jan 1800) and a commander in the Legion of Honor (2 Oct 1803); created count of the Empire (26 Apr 1808); as vice president of the Sénat, presided at the meeting of this body, which voted the deposition of Napoléon Ier (2 Apr 1814); went over to the Bourbons; appointed to the committee on drafting the Constitutional Charter (1814); created a peer of France (4 Jun 1814); after the second Restoration entered the Chambre des pairs (Chamber of Peers); appointed minister of state (5 Oct 1815) and created marquis (2 May 1818). Biography source: [6]


Candidate Vote (26 May 1797)
François-Marie Barthélemy 138
9 others: 80
Charles Cochon de Lapparent
Louis-Antoine Bougainville
René-Louis-Marie Viellart
Jean-Claude Redon de Beaupréau
Louis-Hardouin Tarbé
Germain Garnier
Pardoux Bordas
Jean-Nicolas Desmeunier
Pierre Riel de Beurnonville
total votes cast 218
Information source: [2]

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[5] Neither the Constitution of the Year III, nor the Law of 30 floréal of the Year V provided a rule for determining the beginning of a director's term. Barthélemy, who was absent from France, could not be installed immediately upon his nomination (aussitôt après sa nomination) as required by the Law of 30 floréal.
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