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Gensonné, Armand

Armand Gensonné

b. 9 Aug 1758, Bordeaux, Gironde [1]
d. 31 Oct 1793, Paris

Title: Président de la Convention nationale (President of the National Convention)
Term: 7 Mar 1793 - 21 Mar 1793
Chronology: 7 Mar 1793, elected, session of the Convention, Salle du Manège, Paris [2]
8 Mar 1793, assumed the chair, session of the Convention, Salle du Manège, Paris [2]
21 Mar 1793, ceased to exercise the functions of office upon the election of a successor [3]
Names/titles: Baptised (10 Aug 1758, Bordeaux): Arnaud Gensonné [1]
Other offices: Président de l'Assemblee nationale (President of the National Assembly) [18 Mar 1792 - 2 Apr 1792] (see details)
Son of a military surgeon; studied law and was admitted to the bar as an advocate of the Parlement of Bordeaux; appointed prosecutor of the Commune of Bordeaux (1790); elected a member of the Court of Appeal (1791); elected (4 Sep 1791) as a representative of the département of Gironde to the Assemblée nationale (National Assembly) (1791-1792); elected Vice President (11 Mar 1792 - 18 Mar 1792) and President of the National Assembly (18 Mar 1792 - 2 Apr 1792); formed together with his friends, Pierre-Victurnien Vergniaud and Marguerite-Élie Guadet, the core of the Girondin faction; proposed the decree of accusation against two brothers of King Louis XVI (1 Jan 1792) and the declaration of war against the king of Bohemia and Hungary Franz I (20 Apr 1792); was appointed a member of the Commission extraordinaire des Douze (Extraordinary Commission of Twelve) (12 Aug 1792 - 21 Sep 1792); elected (5 Sep 1792) to the Convention nationale (National Convention) (1792-1794) as a deputy for Gironde; in his speeches attacked the Commune of Paris; supported an appeal to the people, but voted for the death sentence in the trial of Louis XVI; served as President of the National Convention (7 Mar 1793 - 21 Mar 1793); was one of the 29 Girondin leaders proscribed by the decree of the Convention (2 Jun 1792); was included in the report on accusation presented by Jean-Baptiste-André Amar to the Convention (3 Oct 1793); appeared in the Revolutionary Tribunal (24 Oct 1793), was condemned to death (30 Oct 1793) and guillotined (31 Oct 1793).
Biographical sources: Dictionnaire des Conventionnels, 289-291; Dictionnaire des parlementaires français 1789-1889, 3:151-152; "La Gironde et les Girondins", by François Furet, Mona Ozouf (Paris: Payot, 1991).

Candidate Votes (7 Mar 1793)
Armand Gensonné 201
Jacques-Alexis Thuriot de la Rosière 170
voters/absolute majority 384/193
Source of electoral results: Archives parlementaires - Série 1, 59:691.

[1] Gensonné's baptismal act was discovered in municipal archives of Bordeaux by Pierre Meller and was published in the "Archives historiques de département de la Gironde" (Bordeaux, 1897), 32:229. According to this document, he was born "à deux heures" 9 Aug 1758 and was baptised as Arnaud on 10 Aug 1758.
[2] Archives parlementaires - Série 1, 59:691.
[3] Archives parlementaires - Série 1, 60:420.